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JF Braun and Sons | Products Overview

JF Braun

  • Nuts:
    • Brazil nuts — from deep within the rainforests of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.
    • Cashew nuts — one of the more popular snack nuts, sourced from India, Vietnam and Brazil.
    • Hazelnuts — also known as “Filberts” are grown in Turkey.
    • Macadamia nuts — assisted Brazil in developing into one of the larger and more reliable suppliers.
    • Pine nuts — sourced from China in a variety of sizes for different applications.
  • Dried Fruit:
    • Banana chips — processed from the Saba banana, found only in the Philippines.
    • Coconut — desiccated, unsweetened, in a variety of cuts.
    • Cranberries — working with Chilean supplier to develop this origin as an important alternative source of supply.
    • Dates — pitted Dates and chopped Dates are a regular-stocked item.
    • Orange peel — the glace Spanish orange peel strips offered by J. F. Braun are considered the finest in the industry.
    • Prunes — sourced from Chile and Argentina.
    • Raisins — made from the highest quality grapes from Chile, Argentina, and South Africa.
    • Tropical fruit —Thailand continues to be the major supplier to the world of the highest quality, dehydrated pineapple, papaya and ginger.
  • Seeds:
    • Pumpkin seeds — China produces 75% of the world's pumpkin seeds.